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Our innovative products provide an effective and powerful way to manage your water supply

Smart and Efficient Pump Control

Advanced Water Level Monitoring

Intelligent Water Tank Management

Automatic water pump controller

SaveWater Automatic Pump Controller: Smart Water Management Solutions

At SaveWater Automatic Pump Controller, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for managing your water supply. Our products utilize IoT and artificial intelligence to offer smart and efficient pump control, advanced water level monitoring, and intelligent water tank management. We are committed to helping you save water and reduce your environmental impact.


Our Products

At SaveWater Automatic Pump Controller, we offer a range of products designed to meet your water management needs.

Automatic water pump controller

Automatic Water Pump Controller for Three-Phase Pump

Model No: APC-O3-V3

The Automatic Water Pump Controller for Three-Phase Pump (Model No: APC-03-V3) is a state-of-the-art controller that ensures efficient operation and protection for three-phase water pumps. It offers features like automatic control, overload protection, dry run prevention, and motor safety, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your pump.

Automatic water level controller

Automatic Water Pump Controller for Single-Phase Pump Model No

Model No: APC-O1-V3

The Automatic Water Pump Controller for Single-Phase Pump (Model No: APC-O1-V3) is a reliable controller designed specifically for single-phase water pumps. It provides automatic operation, overload protection, dry run prevention, and motor safety, ensuring the smooth functioning and durability of your pump.

automatic water level indicator

IoT-Based Timer

Model No: TIMER-23-V2

The IoT-Based Timer (Model No: TIMER-23-V2) is a smart timer device that utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) technology. With this timer, you can control and automate your electrical devices based on schedules or remotely through a mobile app or web interface. Seamlessly manage appliances, lighting systems, and other electronic devices for enhanced convenience and energy efficiency.

Multi tank monitoring system

Multi Tank Monitoring System

Model No: MTMS-23-V2

The Multi Tank Monitoring System (Model No: MTMS-23-V3) is an advanced solution for monitoring the water levels of multiple tanks simultaneously. It helps you effectively manage your water resources by providing real-time information about the levels in each tank. Ideal for residential, commercial, or agricultural setups, it simplifies tank monitoring and maintenance.

automatic pump control

Buy Automatic Water Level Controller 

Upgrade your water pump system with the cutting-edge Automatic Water Pump Controller. Designed for three-phase pumps, this advanced controller ensures smooth and efficient operation while safeguarding against common issues like dry running and motor burnout. With its automatic control, overload protection, and motor safety features, you can trust this controller to optimize pump performance and extend its lifespan. Take control of your water management and shop the Automatic Water Pump Controller today.

What Our Customers Say

I am pleased to share my experience with the installation of a Timer and an Automatic Water Pump Controller at Naba Apartment in Behala, Kolkata. These two technologies have contributed to streamlining the water management system within the apartment complex, optimizing water usage, and improving overall efficiency. Here is my review of this installation.

Debjani Das Homeowner


"I am delighted to share my experience with the Multi Tank Monitoring System devices installed at ICAR-National Institute of Natural Fibre Engineering and Technology. This innovative technology has revolutionized the monitoring and management of water storage across multiple buildings, significantly improving efficiency and ensuring a seamless water supply. Here is my review of this exceptional installation!"
automatic pump controller

Chanchal Kundu,


Somnath B,

IT Head

"The positive impact of the Industrial Automatic Water Pump Controller on Utkarsh India Limited Factory is palpable. The reduction in energy consumption translates into substantial cost savings, making the investment in this technology highly advantageous. Moreover, the improved water management ensures consistent supply, eliminating disruptions and enhancing overall productivity!"
automatic pump controller

Get ready to maximize your water savings with our innovative water management solutions.

automatic water pump controller
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