Best fully automatic water level controller LC03

I am unsure about which is that the best but i might suggest the water controller designed by Ireva technologies, Kolkata. We bought that within the year 2011 and it's still running with none repair and maintenance. In end of the day the worth is ok. We asked them to style as per our requirements. We also bought one new one manufactured by Chinese and within 3 months it stopped working. Therefore, I suggest you to travel with Indian make.


Sub Type:

Single Phase/Three Phase Pump/Submersible Pump/Without Capacitor/With Capacitor Panel/MCB Type.

It monitors liquid level of the overhead tank as well as reservoir. Automatic pump controller controls water pumps and turns it ON and OFF with respect to the level of water.

This auto-switching feature saves manpower. Hence no need to operate manually.

Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer.

Warranty Service : Repair or Replacement


  • Auto / Manual

  • Dry Run Protection

  • Corrosion Free Sensor

  • Suitable for Single Phase / Three Phase Pump/Submersible Pump

  • Visual Indications

  • Advanced Embedded Technology


  • Compact Size

  • User Friendly Easy Installation

  • Zero Maintenance


  • Operating Voltage: 180V — 270V AC Output Load Capacity : Up to 2HP

  • Size: 65*55*170(W*D H) mm

  • High/Low Voltage. Protection (optional)

How to Operate

1. Fully Automatic (No man power require) Green light will appear- means Motor ON

2. Manual Mode ON/OFF button on Device, PRESS for 2 SEC Green light will appear at BLINKING mode means Motor ON, for STOP PRESS for 2 SEC MOTOR will stop.

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