5 Things to Know Before Buying Water Level Controller

Water Level Controller is that the best water-saving technology people have started using within the past decade. Though many companies have started also evolving from simple 555 based controlling to MCU based controllers and now AI is happening altogether around with Industry 4.0 Concept. we'd like to understand the way to find best automatic water level controller is doing basically and technological difference we'd like to know before purchasing water level controller online.


A Simple Water Level Controller is basic Motor toggle switch Replacement that you simply do every day manually when your overhead tank gets empty.This mechanism starts the motor when upper tank level gets empty and it stops motor, when tank is full. Now Level Controllers are available in many sorts and names ranging from just 250 Rs. to 10,000 Rs. Now we'd thave question that what should I choose? And what's Better for my Motor Type? We, Will, cause you to Understand What are the Five most elementary belongings you got to understand Before Buying Water Level Controllers?

Facts No One Is Telling You !!!

Mark that No One is going to tell you in water level Controller industry that if you choose a wrong product, your motor will be in danger. If your motor gets burned due to overrun, you can not imagine that in 70%(Yes-Seventy Percent) Cases water level controller is the reason, which needs to blame. But you also need to Understand Choosing a Right Product Can give new long life to your Water Motor. We will explain you the reason that what minor mistakes need to be taken care of before buying a water level controller.

1)- Understand Your Motor

There are Two sorts of AC Water Motor in normal duplex houses up to 3th floor.

Jet Pump- Out Side Sump Tank

Submersible Pump- Inside Sump Tank drawn inside water

Now we'd like to know that every motor is consuming different power counting on different conditions like 1.- Distance between sump tank, Overhead tank, and motor 2.- It depends on Pipe Tickneness and Pipe arrangement from bottom to top 3.- Motor’s rotor friction,years of environmental Conditions, Metal utilized in motor,copper quality utilized in winding,rusting, etc.You need to see Your Motor’s Existing Power Consumption and when it needs a service.

Water Level Controller Comes with Motor Load or power specified, and it'd be possible that your old motor is taking more load than it's needed. we've seen that 0.5 HP motor is taking load of 5A, which is nearly 1.0 HP motor is taking in normal condition. Or 1.0 HP Motor is taking over to 9 Amps with 12A Starting Jerk. Now if any Water Level Controller is capable of running with 1.0 HP motor, thanks to heavy load, In few Month, your controller may cause some issues as all internal components right from connectors to relay to internal wiring is meant accordingly.

2)- Water Quality

Every 100 Km, Water Quality is different in India. Water Quality also differ with seasons, and you nee to know that water might look fresh, but it can damage your sensor in end of the day . Now for that we'd like first to see Water Clarity that's there any small visible impurities like mud or dust are often seen if we take clear bottle and analyze it.If it's an excessive amount of dust particle you would like to settle on sensor accordingly. As Contact Type Sensor attracts dust and little particles when DC flows inside sensor and in three months to at least one Year your sensor will get covered by dust and won’t work effectively.

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3)- Water Level Controlling Method

Water Level Controllers works on same sensing techniques but behaves differently consistent with their programs. Most of these WaterLevel Controller Run On Comparator based circuit which is start motor as soon because it detects 0-0 Condition on OverHead Tanks. Now keep that in mind that it's always recommended to use rehearsal Protected Water Level Controller as without dry-run protection it's better to not install water level controller in the least .Why- Because rehearsal Protected Water Level Controller doesn’t allow the motor to dry out when there s no water within the sump tank and cut the motor at the proper time. Without rehearsal , it's guaranteed that within the near future your motor might get burn.

How Cool is that, if any water level system analyzes your motor time period and if a motor runs quite it required it stops the pump automatically, or we've the choice to settle on optimal time period for a motor run. Yes search for the feature available with water Level controller instead of just price as within the end of the day , its durability and features only getting to save your motor.

4)- Sensor Type and Market Sensor Availability

First, we've to know which sort of sensors supported by your water-level-controller. Select a Universal Sensor Supported water-level-controllers. Now how are you able to know which water level is supporting contact and non-contact both type sensor? If Any Company’s sensor is functioning with contact type or steel probe usually supports all other forms of the sensor. Few Companies also sells Down switch sensor, which isn't in quite common , and you would like to get maintenance-freely, which are rarely available almost your electrical shop, better avoid buying them. you'll ask directly a store or online dealer that's your controller supports rode type sensor, and you'll have your answer. there's Basic Two sort of sensor or water Level Measurement: Contact Type & Non-Contact Type. Now Contact type sensors are low cost, more sturdy and straightforward maintenance where non-contact type sensors are high cost, delicate and No maintenance.Which sensor to use is completely depends on water quality and private usage. As Contact Type Sensor is more rigid whereas the non-contact type sensor has glass-reed-switch or electronic parts inside it which are easily damageable.

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